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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Teen Drug Use in Raleigh By: Grant Farrell Drugs are a serious problem in almost any school. Teenagers are being constantly exposed to illegal substances and are pressured to do drugs from their peers. Drug use at a young age can: -Increase the likeliness of an drug addiction later on in life -Problems focusing in school and lower grades-lead to depression, fatigue, and other symptoms Effects include:-Dizziness-Red eyes-Slower reaction time-increased appetite Top three drugs used by teens:-Marijuana-PrescriptionDrugs-Alcohol Marijuana The most common used drug amoung teens In North Carolina 11.9% of teens reported consuming marijuana in the previous year. In 2010, marijuana possession accounted for 53.6% of drug arrests in North Carolina Despite the same usage rates, twice as many blacks are arrested on marijuana charges than whites in Wake County. Prescription Meds Prescription drug abuse is on the rise in North Carolina and across the country. Prescription drugs such as painkillers can be highly addictive and every bit as dangerous as street drugs. Effects include:-Confusion-Erratic behavior-Mental cloudiness-Overdose-Sucidal behavior The three main types of abused prescription drugs are opiates, stimulants,and depressants. Users often mix meds with other drugs wich can lead to an extremely high risk of overdose. double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. -There are more than 1,000 die from prescription drug overdose in North Carolina every year!-Among teenagers prescription drugs are the most abused drug behindmarijuana. -Many teens mistakenly think of prescription drugs as safer than other drugs.-In North Carolina, more people die of prescription drug overdoses than incar wrecks!-7% of Raleigh Highschoolers admit to have abused prescription medication in the previous year.
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