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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 ITEM NO. 004: Movement Technology as Motivation! Mrs. ByarsEnglish ITEM NO. 001: The Brain ITEM NO. 002: The Arms ITEM NO. 003: The Hands They know the tech, I need to tap into that invaluable resource. What a teen sees as valuable is that which he/she consumes frequently - social media. Using twitter, facebook, and other online chat sites to help students communicate their thoughts and learning will add to their participation in class and with content. Students need movement. They can get this in my classroom by completingQR Code and Scavenger huntsand by collecting original data fromdifferent classrooms and teachers around the school. Then they can usetechnology to create graphics to representwhat they learned. Digital Narratives, analyzing film, creating interactive book reports, covers, and trailers, and creating content based games are a fewof the ways I can engage the active mind and imagination of teenagers. This is Connor. He fits the national averages for technology use. My goal as a teacher is to read him too. Teens spend more than 7 1/2 hrs a day consuming media-Washington Post On average, teens text over 60 times a day-Pew Study X 60 Practical Application TPACK My confidence has increased throughET 449. I now feel prepared to at leastattempt some of the strategies I have learned in classes I teach. The focuson content integration also makeswhat I learned more applicable to my future as a teacher. Since I will be working with high school students,I thought it fitting to use a model of a high schoolstudent for my infographic. By blocking outkey areas where I can help students accessthe content with technology, I feel I havedone justice to my learning in ET 449. I used a variety of graphics to display statisticsI read and what I know about teenage students. I included a video of a practical application fromthis course to highlight how I already have implemented these tools and how I will continue as I progress as a teacher. An imperfect, yet beautiful attempt at a personal narrative, created by a sophomoreforeign exchange student from Italy. Since the video would not upload, I provided the link for your viewing pleasure. Technology gives power, but can also takepower away. In my classroom I will requiretechnology use to be safe for all studentsmy routinely monitoring use and having ano - tolerance policy about online bullying.I will also let students rely on one anotheras they follow the "3 before me" rule. Thiswill increase self-efficacy and will allow memore freedom to observe and keep allstudents on track during class time. Justification Technology opens doors, it is a tool to motivate all students, it is a creative andunique outlet of student learning, and with properintegration, technology can be a great tool in the classroom. ITEM NO. 005: Eyes
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