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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 About 85% own a cell phone. About 61% own a laptop. 66% use cell phones.81% own Facebook account. 76% spend over an hour on Facebook every day89% own a laptop 75% of 12-17 year-olds now own cell phones.83% use their phones to take pictures. generation technology usage statistics 64% have constant access to the internet. Spend 8-9 hours a day connected to some sort of social media. silent generation(1925-1945) 17% use a land line to make a phone call8% send or receive a text message They are between the ages of 68-84. The generation born between the Great Depression and World War II. They are known for creating a lot of the technology that we use today. 6% post or read messages on Facebook or other social networking sites. Baby Boomers(19461964) These are individuals born after World War II. They are said to have grown up during a time of influence. They often "rejected" or "redefined" a lot of the traditional values. About 46% have a smart phone. About 40% use social networking sites. by The generation was born after the Baby Boomers. They are openly more acceptable to race, religion, class, gender, and culture. Generation X(19651981) MillennialsGen Y(19821996) This generation has a number of different names including the "Peter Pan Generation", "Generation We", and "The Boomerang Generation" just to name a few. This group of individuals is known as the most tech-savvy. They also are the most connected because they grew up with various social networks like Facebook, MySpace, etc. Generation @(1997present) Individuals a part of this generation are known as "digital natives." They are constantly connected because they grew up with iPhones, iPods, instant messaging, and other forms of communication.
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