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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 TECHNOLOGY CHANGES LEARNING Taylor DiPerna DOG Due to sites such as Glogster,, and Info.grams, paper posterboards are a thing of the past. Today, ebooks are becoming more popular in schoolsbecause students don't have to carry around big textbooksanymore. It is all within the connvience of a tablet or laptop. Technology programs are now able to tend to thelearning disabilities of some students just by using a simple computer program. Instead of the audienceof the classroombeing the students,it has become the teacherdue to tech-savy onlineplatforms such as twitter,facebook, blogs, etc. Due to a very convenientcomputer or tablet to keepfiles and handouts in folders, there is no need to carryaround a 3-ring binder. Textbooks are no longerlimited to just text and pictures. There is oftenweb links for additionalassessments, material, andanimations to support the new style of learning. The chalkboard is now beingsubstituted for interactive technology that includes web-based tools for new interactive learning. Voice recognition has improved so children withspecial needs or people who can't speak English cancommunicate better. Students can e-mail theirteachers to talk abouthomework assignmentsand projects and get responses instantly Mac | Early Adopter | Gadgets Most research today is web-based.Research and information that used to take hours to find in a library nowtakes seconds to find online. AUDIENCE NO MORE POSTER BOARDS GOODBYE TO 3-RING BINDERS InteractiveTextbooks eBooks DISAPPEARANCEOF CHALKBOARDS ASSISTIVE TECHFOR BETTER COMMUNICATION TEACHER-STUDENTCOMMUNICATION WEB-BASED RESEARCH MEETS THE NEEDS OF ALLLEARNERS
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