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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Technolog yAnd Inventions Technolog yAnd Inventions the many of types Of Ancient Egypt Of Ancient Egypt Inventions and tools? The ancient Egyptians invented their own alphabet and decimal system! By: Nick Richards By: Nick Richards Weavers used looms daily What were some daily life Egyptians also used a water clock or clepsydra to tell time Many people in Egypt used rudders. Rudders are flat boards used to steer boats. The Egyptians were probably the first to use rudders. What were some inventions for war? What were some inventions the pharaoh used? The Egyptians used axes, daggers, spears, throwing sticks, and bows and arrows. Tutankhamen used daggers made of gold and iron. The Egyptians also used war chariots which was better than fighting on foot. Who made the inventions and tools? What did the Egyptians make inventions and tools out of? Craftsmen made the inventions and tools and were in the artisans social class. They made some of their tools and artwork out of a glassy material known as faience. When was the shaduf invented? What was it used for? What tools did they use to build monuments? What inventions did they use to get around? The shaduf is used to lift water from the Nile. It was invented during the New kingdom. The shaduf is a bucket, bag, or basket, at the of a pole. It balances on a frame and has a heavy weight attached to the other end. They used hammers, chisel setups, drills and saws. They used incline planes, levers, and wedges too. They used the chariot to get around quickly during a war. They invented boats, such as a phaluka, to get to other places down the Nile.
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