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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Have Humans Advanced or Regressed because of Technology? Advances Technology helps us all out in so many ways, but what if you weren't like the average person? What if you had a disability? Ways That Have Helped: Educational games help disabled kids understand the information better than past non-electronic teaching methods. Allows deaf people to read words they can't hear and type the words they want others to hear. Allows blind people to hear the words they can't see. Voice command technology allows disabled people greater access to experiences such as reading and car driving. Smartphones can help blind people identify money and read their emails aloud. Regression Regression As much good as technology can give us there is a darker side behind those shiny surfaces. Ways That Have Regressed: Causes obesity, issues with not getting a rested sleep, aggressive behavior, and attention issues in kids. Children who watch T.V. and are younger than 2 have language delays, long term effects are unknown. When T.V. is on the parent can get distracted and spend less time with their child, decreasing the amount of time a parent spends talking to their child, and talk time relates to the child's vocabulary growth and understanding. Plenty of phone usage could be an effect of the majority of skin problems such as acne. We have both advanced and regressed because of it. We have advanced by helping the disabled world around us, and we have regressed by losing a some of our expressive skills, healthy skin, and increasing the risk our irritable qualities showing to others. It's up to us to choose which one we want.
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