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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Technology in the classroom How do teachers, parents, and students veiw technology in schools differently? Classroom Technology Pros ~Prepares kids for future careers~attains to each learning style and pace~encourages collaboration~exciting ~engaging~quick and easy~makes students more responsibleCons~Must be used correctly~Causes distraction~Expensive Parents 64% of parents like classroom technology and think their district is doing a good job with incorporating it into education. 92% of parents think that technology is extremely important in american education.Parents say that technology is beneficial to their children's future careers and everyday life.Parents believe that technology opens up new opportunities in the classroom for students and teachers.Parents also are worried about the safety precaution and that their children will be too distracted in class. Bibliography: 75% of students think that classroom technology improved their grade.They like the ability to watch/listen to the lesson again, it encourages collaboration between students, and allows students to learn at their own pace and use their own learning style.It's exciting, engaging, quick, and easy. Students became more responsible and the ability to have morefreedom helps them grow. Although there are many positivities to this some students are not happy with their technology.They say it is not as rigorous and doesn't have the same experience as traditional education does.To have the positive effects technology must be used the right way. Students Teachers Teachers are not in favor of the new technology in schools. They say it completely changes the school design and format. They have to change their way of teaching and reinvent their curriculum. It is also very expensive on the schools budget. The teachers are able to communicate easier with students, parents, and other teachers to share ideas. They also think that it easy for them and their students to search for good content. By: Heather Boehnke
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