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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 REASONS TO COME ALONG learn how to use the potential of technology to help manage care learn some tips on using digital communication passports and createmulti-sensory environments REGISTER YOUR INTEREST PAMIS is running six workshops for parents and carers on using technology to help manage care and just, well, have fun! We will be engaging parents with the latest ideas in technology; including how to create your own multi-sensory environments, and use tablets to manage medications and monitor health. One of the most exciting pieces of work we'd like to share with you is our Digital Communication Passports. So come along and find out what they are all about! Technology Workshops Contact PAMIS on: FURTHER INFO 01382 385 154 or people with PMLD are welcome THE WORKSHOPS free workshops refreshments will beprovided with no previous experience with technologynecessary inGlasgow/Lanarkshire
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