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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 TECH UPDATE FEBRUARY 2015 ITEM NO. 002 ITEM NO. 003 ITEM NO. 005 ITEM NO. 001 OPEN vLAB NEED PROJECT IDEAS? LOOKING FOR TECH? ITEM NO. 004 LIKE INFOGRAPHICS? Check out for easy to create and customizable templates. Use your Google (@napls) account to register...and your students can too! MADE WITH Stay tuned for more info about the launch of additionalvLabs for Project Based Learningin the 1-8 open to 2-5 and MS staff As of Friday, ALL ChromebookCarts, including our 2 Half Carts arebeing used for testing. Tosupplement, we have gained anadditional FULL Windows Cart(3 Full Windows Carts now). Wealso have our Galaxy Tabletsand the Digital Eagle iMacs andeeePC Cart.PLUS ALL MS STAFF can sign upfor open vLab spaces in the 1-8 during assigned times. TESTING As we continue to support the testing center, thank you for yourpatience and positivity with the entire Tech Team! Open vLab is intended to provide both 2-5 and MS teacherswith additional access to Techduring the testing window. These 4 studios in the 1-8 have 30 devicesand can be reserved with the openvLab calendar. See link in email. Contact Shane with any questions. CB Windows ITEM NO. 006 GALAXY CHARGE CART Thanks to Doug Jones, we nowhave a charging system via cartin the Digital Eagle for the Tablets. When approved for Galaxy Tablets,pick up your set in the Digital Eagle.Be sure to return your devices andplug them into the charge cordson the bottom row NAMS
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