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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Dangers of Too Much Information People love to share their lives on social media,from a tweet about getting lunchto a bad grade in class This sharing can create problems, though, whether it be with school or work. Cyberbully Trailer: A new survey from CareerBuilder found that 51% of employers who research job candidates on social media said theyve found content that caused them to not hire the candidate The constant updating can alsolead to issues with friends, sincepeople feel safe to say whateverthey want behind the protection ofa computer screen. Cyberbullying is a real issue, with reports of half of teenagersonline being cyberbullied and thesame number having participated. Even with privacy settings, someunwanted eyes could still see the things you are posting. Make sureyou are ready for what you post/shareonline to follow you forever Make sure to leave a positive digitalfootprint if you choose to use socialmedia. While a comment could seem funny at the time, it couldaffect your whole future, making it difficult to find employment andclose doors in education Digital Footprint Article:
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