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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 8 Principles of Teaching Reading Meta Principle #1 Effective Teachers Understand How Children Learn Principle #2 Effective Teachers Support Children's Use Of The Cueing System Principle #8 Principle #3 Principle #4 Principle #7 Principle #5 Principle #6 Effective Teachers Create A Community Of Learners Effective Teachers Adopt A Balanced Approach To Instruction Effective Teachers Scaffold Children's Reading And Writing Effective Teachers Organize For Literacy Instruction Effective Teachers Differentiate Instruction Effective Teachers Link Instruction And Assessment *Behaviorism*Constructivism *Sociolinguistics*Information Processing -Interactive Models -Transactional Theory -Strategic Behaviors *The Phonological System -Phonemes -Graphemes -Phonics*The Syntactic System: grammar and morphemes*The Semantic System*The Pragmatic System -Dialects *A Classroom Community has: -Safety -Respect -High Expectations -Risk-Taking -Choice *A Blanaced Classroom includes: -Literacy -Explicit Instruction -Authenticity -Oral Language -Reading and Writing Strategies*Common Core Standards *Model Reading and Writing*Shared Reading and Writing*Interactive Reading and Writing*Guided Reading and Writing*Independent Reading and Writing *Guided Reading*Basal Reading Programs*Literature Focus Units*Literature Circles*Reading and Writing Workshop *Differentiate Content, Process, and Product*Interventions -Federal Early Interventions -Reading Recovery -Response to Intervention *The Instruction-Assessment Cycle: 1. Planning 2. Monitoring 3. Evaluating 4. Reflecting*Classroom Assessment Tools*High-Stakes Tests ****** ***** **** *** ** *
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