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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 I Know My Teaching Has Been Effective When... How Do I Fulfil My Vision of Teaching? Keri Semenko's Teaching Philosophy Why Do I Teach? What is my Role as a Teacher? - To excite students about possibilities.- To inspire change.- To offer new ideas and points of engagement with the world.- To make the world a better place by sharing my passion for animal welfare.- To offer and to gain knowledge.- To mentor and provide guidance.- To be inspired. - Students ask questions and want to learn more.- Students are excited to discuss the content of the course.- I see students make connections between class and the real world.- Students generate their own answers to questions.- Students arrive at class with additional resources they have found related to our topics.- I learn that a student has become involved in community activism as a result of our class.- Students share their own experience and relate it to content.- I am inspired by students to gain more knowledge of my subject area.- Students talk more in the class than I do.- I get stopped in the hallway by students who want to sharetheir excitement about new ideas they have. My Views ofRelationship Between Teacher and Students Teachers Are Mentors to Students:- Sharing life experience- Offering guidance- Helping students find their own path Students Are Mentors to Teachers:- Sharing energy- Offering new ideas and perspectives- Helping teachers find different ways of teaching Students and Teachers are Learning Partners:- Sharing passion for subject matter- Offering support to each other on the learning journey- Helping each other discover and engage The Relationship of Teacher to Content - Content is a tool to inspire- Content is dynamic - Teachers use content as a framework to help students think about ideas- Knowledge of content allows teachers to adapt delivery to meet student needs The Relationship of Students to Content - Content is a tool to build understanding and form opinions- Students use content mastery to gain confidence in new areas of knowledge- Content is dynamic and students have input- Demonstrated expertise in content inspires confidence in the teacher's ability My Ideals Impact My Teaching I believe that education can inspire change and help create a better world.My passion for my subject matter makes me constantly strive to excite students about their role in creating change. I try to offer students multiple points of engagement so they can each have a "lightbulb" moment or an epiphany that helps them see more clearly the path they wish to take. My hope is that students leave my class inspiredto continue learning and be active participants in their community. As adevoted pursuer of interdisciplinary understanding, I teach to illuminateconnections. Fluid Curriculum Development - I always revisit my course content and make ongoing revisions to meet the needs of changing groupsof students. Sometimes I evenadjust activities and contentfor specific sections of multi-sectionclasses in order to best suit a particular group's dynamics.- I also view constant revisiting ofcurriculum as key to maintainingmy own interest and excitement inteaching. Professional Development - Staying current on my subjectarea is important to me. Since Ivalue education as a change agent, knowing where change is happeningmatters. - My own growth and learning keepsme excited about content whichtranslates into my teaching.- Remaining in touch with the frontlines of my field lets students knowthat I am genuinely committed tothe ideals I talk about in class. Seeking Feedback - I welcome informal and formalfeedback from students, peers, and supervisors.- I spend time evaluating feedbackand incorporating it into my teaching practice. My Main Teaching Perspectives Are:Social Reform & Development Social Reform- My teaching is linked to a "vision of a better society." - Ideals take a "prominent place of significance in thinking about" my role as a teacher.- Teaching focuses on motivating students to make changes and be active in their communities. Development- My role as a teacher is to "challengeand disturb" students' perceptions.- The focus of learning is to changethe "quality of thinking" andnot the "quantity of knowledge".- Using learners' previous knowledgeas the foundation for acquiringnew information. Reference:Pratt, Daniel D. and Associates (1998). Five Perspectives in Adult & Higher Education, Malabar, FL.: Krieger Publishing.
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