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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Types of Teaching Licenses in Oregon KNOW YOUR REQUIREMENTS Initial I Teaching License Continuing Teaching License Masters Degree: - Requires Bachelors, post-graduate, or masters teacher prep program- authorization specific to grade levels and the subject-matter- Valid for regular teaching at specific authorized levels- Allows for substitute teaching on any level (if the Initial I Teaching License or the first out-of-state teaching license was granted on the basis of a completed teacher preparation program culminating in a bachelors degree) applicant MUST complete one of the following (a, b, or c): a) 6 semester hours or 9 quarter hours of graduate level academic creditb) TSPC-approved school district program determined to be equivalent to option (a)OR c) any TSPC-approved professional assessment. Bachelors Degree: *** may be renewed repeatedly for 3 years *** Initial II Teaching License MUST HAVE THE FOLLOWING:-Complete a masters degree OR-In lieu of a masters degree, a candidate must complete SPECIFIC graduate level coursework - mark of advanced educational achievement- valid for regular teaching at the grade levels and subject-matter endorsements indicated on the license - valid for substitute teaching at any level in any specialty.- must meet all requirements of the Initial I and Initial IITeaching Licenses- masters degree or higher in the arts and sciences; together with an equally accredited bachelors degree- taught 5 years of at least half-time or more and one of the following: - TSPC approved Continuing Teaching License program- doctorate degree in education- Certification by the National Boards of Professional Teaching StandardsOR- Certificate of Clinical Competence awarded by the American Speech and Hearing Association for those holding a communication disorders endorsement
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