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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 TakenBy Erin Bowman Gary Gary's personality was very outgoing and he was one of those people that wasn't afraid to share his opinion about something. He was very couragous and he never showed that he was a coward. Gary didn't really have a job but he did live in a closed off society called Claysoot Gray has long brown hair, grey eyes and has a good build because he shoots bow and arrows The main conflict is that Gray doesn't want to follow the rules in his society and he soon becomes sneaky and gets information that he isn't suppose to have. This conflict is called person vs.society. 5 Important events Gray found out that him and his brother Blaine are twins Gray climbs over the mysterious wall and then finds that Emma followed him only to get them both stuck in Taem Gray and Emma are welcomed into Taem and Gary finds his brother and then later on finds his father Gray leaves Emma behind in Taem in a prison and Gary takes off with his brother to join the Rebels to take down Frank Gray, Bo, and Bree go to Taem on a mission for the vaccine and they succeed and head back to celebrate the good news STAR RATING!!!!!!!! What is the relationship like between Gray and Blaine? A. They don't have oneB. Love hate relationshipC. All of the aboveD. They butt heads alot and don't handle things the same but still love eachothdf. The theme is to never give up and always try. It pertains to the conflicts in the bookbecause some teens have a bed home life and they refuse to let that influence what they want to be and become.
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