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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 What's New In What is different this tax season? Review these tax changes from 2014 and 2015. Tax law changes and adjustments for inflation are the major drivers for the changes. Check for more information. 2015? *Created by Secure Investments Realty & Managment Provision $3,350$6,650$1,000 $52,800$82,100$41,050 Standard Deduction- Single- Joint returns and surviving spouses- Married Filing Separately- Head of Household- Additional for elderly or blind (married)- Additional for elderly or blind (single) Personal Exemption Income at which itemized deductions and personal exemptions start to phase out- Single- Joint returns and surviving spouses- Married filing separately- Head of household $4,000$6,300$12,600$6,300$9,250$1,250$1,550 $282,250$309,900$154,950$284,050 Alternative minimum tax exemption- Single- Married, joint- Married, separate $53,600$83,400$41,700 Maximum wages subject to social security taxSocial Security Earnings Limit- Under full retirement age- Year full retirement age reached- Full retirement age $15,720$41,880No Limit $118,500 Estate tax top rateEstate tax exclusionAnnual gift tax exclusion (per donee) 40%$5,430,000$14,000 Maximum Retirement Plan Contributions- IRA - under age 50- IRA - 50 and over- SIMPLE plan - under age 50- SIMPLE plane - 50 and over- 401(k) plan - under age 50- 401(k) plan - 50 and over $5,500$6,500$12,500$15,500$18,000$24,000 HSA Contribution Limit- Self Only- Family- Additional for 55 or older 2015 2014 $117,000 $3,950$6,200$12,400$6,200$9,100$1,200$1,550 $254,200$305,050$152,525$279,650 $15,480$41,400No Limit 40%$5,340,000$14,000 $5,500$6,500$12,000$14,500$17,500$23,000 $3,300$6,550$1,000
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