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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Tasks: Calendar Format & Checklist > Job Postings, Nonprofit Events & Meetings, Volunteering Constantly Be on the Lookout for... *In recognition of the evolution of the Capacity Building Program, this task list is intended for your use as a helpful guide. Detailed work is not included as tasks can easily change. For more information, please see the next section. Assigned Projects (MNP) updates Regularly/Ad Hoc Annually Post grant listings to Grant Opportunities page >Sources included: (PND);; etc. Be aware of deadlines that are posted in the Employment page, Grant Opportunities page, Training Page, or elsewhere. Any outdated information needs to be deleted. Priorities: e e k l y Please be sure to check with your supervisor. General Responsibilites Newsletter >Holiday Newsletter Reserve Resources per Request: Laptop Projector Conference Room Monthly Newsletter Email AFP and Nonprofit Network for meetingsCheck with Director of Capacity Building for resources Meeting Packets CBAC Meeting - Print Packets Order Food Confirm No. of GuestsTATL Meeting -Print Packets Order Food Confirm No. of Guests Evaluation Cards Name Tags W Updating Worksheets,Filing, etc. Update "Timeline of Trainings" Document Preparing for Trainings/Workshops Daily Grant Cycle Compilation
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