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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Employee Wellness Targe t Social Responsibility Environmental Protection WorkplaceDiversity Job Safety Surveillance cameras, Parking lot lighting to prevent crime, Restrooms located in highly visible places Barriers to prevent drivers on the sidewalk Carts designed to be hard to tip over, Source: of Corporate Command Center monitoring potential issues such as weather emergencies Prepares team members for severe weather and other disaters Alliance to Make U.S Healthiest and Healthier MinnesotaHealth Lead Accreditation Program -Assessment of company's employee wellbeing policies and practices Celebrates smoke free -Campaign in November to assist team members quit smokingSupports bike shares, participates in a breast cancer campaign, and are partnered with Feeding America Health Benefits: Medical, dental, vision, and prescription drug coverage Programs and rewards to encourage healthy actions Maternity support program NurseLine Well-being education resources Efficient Operation Partner with US Environmental Protection and the Us Department of Energy to meet their efficencies standards. Sustainable Product Trying to make their own brand packaging designs more sustainable by the end of 2016 Sustainable Living Recycle in Stores Give Customers Renewable bags and get a discount when used Celebrate Earth Day Represents 6 groups *African American*Asian AMerican*Lesbian*Gay*Bisexual*Transgender and Ally*Hispanic*Military*Women More than 10,000 team members participate in our diversity and inclusion business councils which provideonboarding networking and professing development opportunities for team members
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