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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 A brief history Of the roaring 20s A pro of economy is that more people were getting jobs and factory's were having a boom and selling more products. A con is farmers were having to borrow money to buy more land and crops. They were having to feed soldiers and went in to depth Economy This time had a lot of jazz music along with many famous African American writers, singers, artists and musicians. It was Ina part of NYC were many African Americans had settled. Harlem Renaissance Many new types of transportation occurred during this time like the airplane and cars like model T and Ford Motor cars. Transportation The African Americans that gathered in Americas big cities also introduced jazz. It was a style called improvisation. Flappers danced to this jazz. This music all so brought whites on to the dance floor. Jazz Age She was the first women to fly across the Atlantic in 1937. She attempted to become the first woman to fly around the world. Sadly though her plane disappeared. One way immigration laws hanged during this time period is, Americans were scared because of the number of immigrants that had come into the country and thought that immigrants might take American's jobs. There for Americans set limits on immigration. President Coolidge singed the Immigration act of 1924. It limited immigration from Eastern and Southern Europe. It also completely cut off Asia. This amendment gave women the right to vote In the beginning of WW1 there were many "push and pull" factors that drew many African Americans from the South to the North. One was many job opportunities in factories in the North. Also they were trying to escape racial discrimination. Amelia Earhart Immigration Great African American Migration 19th admendment
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