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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Coastal Plains The Oasis/Oases -The coastal plains run along the coast and varies in sizes from 5-40 miles.- Physical Features -The coastal plains run along thee coast and varies from 5-40 miles.-It has regular rainfalls to help farmer when growing crops.-The air is relatively humid every year. Climate -It regularly rains every year in the coastal plains.-The air is mostly humid every year. Adaptations Livability rating with justification -Farmers could farm crops.-People build dams and dug well to irrigatethe water.-People would trade at seaports such as Aden.-Had several dry beds that fill up whenever it rained. 4.5 stars because it rains regularly and its easy farm crops there with the irrigation system withthe water plus you can go fishing at the ocean forfish and you could trade at seaports likeAden and there were a bunch of animals there. Trade Rating w/Justification 4.2 stars because they traveled to India, East Africa and Aden and lands among the Red sea so they traveled to places forstuff for the homes and citiesat the coastal plain. Physical Features -Were formed by trapped underground water and rise to the surface by a spring. -This type of land was a lot more fertile.-Farmers use this lands fertile ground to farm vegetation of some sort. Climate -The ground was fertile for farming.-Can use the water for farming and drinking. Adaptations -Was a resting ground for travelers when they were tried.-They could grow vegetables and fruits-They used wood and leaves for their homes. Livability rating with justification -4.8 stars because its easy to crops there with thewater and the soft ground is easy for the crops and its use as a stopping pointfor travelers and homes can be build also fire as well with some shade from tree andyou can use the wood for things Trade Rating w/Justification -4.7 stars because farmers can go to these places for farming cropslike vegetables and fruit and sell the crops when traders come by to get a drink of water.
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