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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Achievements of the Tang Dynasty 618-907 AD Achievements of the Song Dynasty 960-1279 AD The Tang Dynasty gave more land to farmers than any other dynasty. It led to many advances in farming. The farmers had improved their irrigation system, designed new way to grow crops, and they found a new rice that was immune to diseases and could grow in poor conditions. The Tang people used wood to heat their food and meals, when the wood supply started to run low they figured out that coal was another option. That is when people started to coal mine. was able to heat meals, and warm furnaces. They made weapons out of iron and steel. They also made, chains, sewing needles, and nails, The Tang Dynasty built roads all around their land. The even built waterways! Since roads were so common it increased their trade, More merchants were able to travel around and trade goods. The first paper money was printed by the Song Dynasty in 1024 AD.The paper money helped merchants because they did not have to carry coinsthey carried paper money.Paper moneyhelped the economy expand and thecites grow. The Tang Dynasty also created gun powder. Gunpowder was used inside of a fire lance. A fire lance is a modification of a gun. Gunpowder was also used for fireworks. It made their army strong and they had an advantage over the other armies because most of them did not have guns. In 1150 AD they invented the compass to help them travel the seas and not get lost. It let ships sail further because they could not get lwith the compass. It let ships sail to Indonesia, India, and other places to the west. I think the Song Dynasty's achievements are more important that theTang Dynasty's because they have done more for us than the Tang. The Song Dynast invented money! Without money we would no where. Money is part of what our country itself. Also, they discovered gunpowder which is what our armies to put in their guns. If the Song Dynasty did not invent gunpowder we would not be an independent country because we might have not won the wars that we won with using gunpowder. Finally, they invented the compass. That is one of the most important navigation items form boats. Now we have more technical devices but 50 years ago the compass saved peoples lives from getting lost at sea.
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