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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Song Tang Silk Poetry The Compass Paper Money Made of baked clay, porcelain was a product exclusivelymanufactured by the Chinese. They kept the process of making it asecret from Europeans for two hundred years. Cultivating silkworms that would later beused to make silk was a task usually reserved forthe wives and daughters. The Tang Dynasty was consideredthe "golden age of poetry"because itgave rise to numerous famous poets. MoveableType This inventionfurthered theavailability ofbooks, sinceit was easier to quickly print manydifferent pages. Before it was a navigation tool, the compass was used to organize buildingsaccording to Feng Shui and to tell fortunes. The beginnningof paper moneywas with merchants,who traded receipts, like checks, thatcould be exchanged formoney at otherplaces. The Tang and Song dynasties both had many achievements and inventions. The Tang found coal, steel, new kinds of rice, and improved transportation, along with many other things. The Song invented gunpowder and spread printed books, while revolutionizing painting styles (which is only a fraction of what they accomplished). However, I believe that the Song Dynasty has made more significant achievements because things like the compass, paper money, moveable type and books are all used frequently and are things that we can't live without. Many Tang Dynasty achievements are still used today, but most are not as influential as the Song's. Therefore, the Song Dynasty's developments are more significant today. Porcelain Dynasty Inventions/Achievements
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