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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Tang and Song Achievements Song Achievements Tang Achievements Paper Money: A famous issuer of money,Kublai Khan, (also a ruler ofChina) made traders acceptpaper money. He took awayall gold and silver, even if itwas brought by traders. Movable Type: This new way of printing was never widely used in China.Pi Sheng, the creator of thismethod, used baked clay for his type, which was very fragile. Compass: Though the compass had beenknown before, the Song changedit so that the needle was smallerand attached to a fixed stem. Porcelain: Because Europe hadsuch a high demandfor porcelain, Chineseartisans skillfully managedto keep the porcelainrecipe a secret for twohundred years. Poetry: In the Tang Dynasty,scholars were requiredto master poetry fortheir civil service exams.Today, poetry seemsmore like an unknownhobby than a brilliant work of art. Farming: When a farmer died, hisland was divided evenlyamong his sons. Chinese farmers would typically have many sons,so each piece of land became smaller and smaller as it was divided more and more. Which dynasty had the most significant achievements? I think that the dynasty with the most significant achievements would be the Song dynasty. Their achievements havelead to advancements that help us currently today. Their achievements with the compass lead the Europeans to exploring the world, and we still use paper money today. I think that though the Tang dynasty had several important achievements and inventions too, their achievements focused on their own kingdom and economy, but did not really help the world today. On the other hand, the compass, paper money, and movable typehas helped lots of countries change and grow as well. Movable type has lead to other achievements with type,and the compass helped the Europeans and can still be used today. Paper money, of course, is definetelystill used today.
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