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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Song Dynasty Inventions start from scratch[clears the canvas] Gunpowder One of the most important inventions by the Song dynasty was the invention of gunpowder. Gunpowder was not intentionally created, it was invented on accident by the Chinese while they were trying to create a potion of immortality. Instead, they created an explosion. Gunpowderconsists of potassium nitrate, common charcoal, and sulfur. VS Compass The Chinese invention of the compass was essential for the future generations of European. Without the compass, many of these journies would not be possible.The needle in the first compasses would be attached to a fixed stem(rather than floating around) Moveable Type Movable Type is a way to mass produce books by carving words and pictures into wooden blocks, inking then, and then pressingthem onto paper. Each block consisted of an entire page of textand illustrations. Silk Tang Dynasty Inventions Silk was a very important material and was in high demand for trade.The Silk Road was named after this cloth because of how much it was traded on this path. The Chinese bred moths to produce the high quality silk that they wanted. Printing Under the Tang Dynasty, the manufacturing of paper reached new heights.With printing, there was a lot of paper being usedfor books. This made it so books could be massly produced. Coal, iron, and steel With coal, the Chinese discovered how to heat things.The Chinese used coal to heat furnaces to high temperatures.The Chinese also created steel by mixing iron with carbon from the coal. Steel was a huge advancement because it was used, and even used today to build so many different things.Who knows where we would today without theinvention of steel.
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