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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 THE SONG DYNASTY ACHIEVEMENTS THE TANG DYNASTY ACHIEVEMENTS The Tang Dynasty re-opened the Silk Road. The Silk Road, of course, soldthe precious material, silk. Many other markets to the west of China also sold this valuable fabric. SILK STEEL Steel was invented by the Tang Dynasty. It was made from the coal that heated up furnaces, which then turned into iron. The iron mixed with the carbonfrom the coal to produce steel. Steel was a very strong metal that was used to make many weapons and tools. GUNPOWDER Gunpowder was a very important resourceto the Song Dynasty, because it was used to make many weapons. One of these weaponswas the fire lance, which was a spear-like structure that shot flames and other projectiles. Gunpowder was also used to make fireworksand explosives. With gunpowder weapons, a very strong army was created. COMPASS The compass was a very useful tool developed by the Song Dynasty. It helped people find their way when sailing. Withthis new invention, people could sail tofurther lands, without getting lost, such asIndonesia and India. TRANSPORTATIO N Many new ways of transportation were made during the Tang Dynasty. Some examples are roadsand waterways. In addition, trade increased becauseof the transportation ways. Because of that, more trade routes were found, and the Silk Road was once again active. By: Saiyash Vishnubhatt Period 2 PAPER MONEY The Song Dynasty were the first people to print paper money in the year A.D. 1024.Doing this helped the economy expand and helped merchants. The Tang Dynasty obviously had the more significant achievementsbecause of the following reasons. First of all, the Song Dynasty probably could not have made most of their achievements if the Tang had not made steel. Steel was used to make almost all of the Song's achievements. Also,the Tang made the first printer, so the Song could not print money if theyhad not done that. Lastly, the Tang Dynasty built new forms of transportation,which opened the Silk Road again. The Silk Road encouraged trading, somore trade routes opened, and China had a much bigger population becauseof the fabric, silk. As you can see, the Tang Dynasty had much more significantachievements than the Song Dynasty. On balance, which dynasty, Tang or Song, had more significant achievements?
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