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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Tang Dynasty used coal-heated furnace to produce iron. By then mixingmolten iron and carbon, they invented steel. The Song Dynasty madegunpowder, and used it to make explosives, as well as using it for weapons. One of these weapons was the fire lance, an ancestor of the gun. As well as weapons, gunpowder was also used for fireworks. GUNPOWDER STEEL I feel that the Tang Dynasty had more significant achievements, because of the way that they made huge advancements in farming, producing more food and therefore growing in population. They also had roads and waterways built, which boosted transportation and led to more trading with other parts of Asia. Also, the Tang for the most part invented paper money in china and printing, and the Song just built on the achievements that the Tang had already created. COMPASS The Song Dynasty made the compass, which helped Chinese sailors find their way, and also allowed ships to sail farther from land.The compass was eventually used to sail to Indonesia, India, and other places in the west. MOVABLE TYPE Movable type was invented by Pi Sheng during the Song Dyntasty. Each character was on a separate clay piece, and the pieces were moved around to form phrases. PORCELAIN Porcelain was made during the Tang Dynasty. Fine clay was baked at high temperatures to make it, and countries traded gold, silver, precious stones, and more for it. SILK Silk was introduced to the common population during the Tang Dynasty, and gave the famous Silk Road its name. It was very popular in markets to the west of China.
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