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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Tang and Song Dynasty Achievements Tang Song ByJiro Walther Road and Waterways Road/Waterwayswere built tomake travel/tradeeasy.The Yangtzeriver was 72% of China'swater traffic. Iron and Steal In early China,they figuredmelting ironcoal and steelwould make asuitable metal.They createdarmor, swords etc.They were oftenvery heavy. Printing Printing in earlyChina began inAd 600s. TheChinese woulduse blocks andink to print imagesand words. Theyeventually beganto use the movabletype. The DiamondSutra is the mostexquisite printproduced. Paper Money Paper Money was inventedduring 1024. It was made tohelp merchants. The invention ofpaper money expandedempires and grew cities.The base unit currencyremained the copper coin. Gunpowder Gunpowder inearly China was usedfor explosives. It madetheir army strongand changed war.Gunpowder was firstinvented in Chinahowever it spread tomany nearby lands. Compass The compass wasinvented in 247 B.Cand was usedto navigate N,E,S,W.It encouraged to explorefor longer distances scotland. It increasedsea trade as well asexploration. I believe the Song dynastyhad better inventions forseveral reasons. First off,their inventions in a waywere more "practical."The Tang dynastycreated little things like poetry and silk but the Songmade even better ideas likegunpowder and compasseswhich led to moreachievements. As well asbeing more practical, theyalso led to moreachievements. The Tanginvented silk however itonly led to more trade,but gunpowder led tomore weapons, andcompass led to newexplorations etc.
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