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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Poetry In The Tang Dynasty Transportation In The Tang Dynasty Farming In The Tang Dynasty Painting In The Song Dynasty Gunpowder In The Song Dynasty Movable Printing In The Song Dynasty -Chinese writers best expressed themselves in poetry. -Tang Dynasty is viewed as the great ageof poetry.-Li Bo was one of the most popularpoets of the Tang Dynasty. The poem"Still Night Thought" is probably thebest known poem in China. -It really deserves its fame as a rarity of Chinese culture. - -Tang rulers had roads and water ways built. It made travel in China much easier.-Due to the Tang rulers, the silk roadonce again busted with activity.-Major transportation types during the time of the Tang Dynasty were carts and boats. -When the Tang rulers took overin 618 A.D. they brought peace to the countryside and gave more land to farmers. -Farmers were able to improve irrigationand they introduced new ways of growing crops. -They developed new kinds of rice.-They began to grow tea which made food more available. -This led to the rise of new cities. -The painting of landscapes becamewidespread during the Song Dynasty.-Chinese painters attempted to portraythe "idea" of the mountains, lakes, and other landscape features.-Calligraphy means that the painters wrote poetry on their artworks. - Painters from all parts of the empire were recruited to serve the needs of the court. -The Chinese made gunpowderfor use in explosives.-One weapon was the fire lance, an ancestor of the gun.-It used gunpowder and helped make the Chinese army a strong force.-They also used it for fireworks.-Song military engineers found gunpowder to be helpful in siege warfare. -In the A.D. 1000's, Pi Shanginvented a movable type of printing.-With the movable type, each characteris a separate piece.The pieces can be moved around to make sentences.-However, because written Chinesehad so many letters, wooden block printing was easier.-Each block consisted of an entire page of text and illustrations. In my opinion, the Song Dynasty was the most successful, because their achievements are now more popular than the Tang Dynasty achievements, such as paper money, the compass,painting, printed books, and more. We still use those things to this day. They also invented very smart, and original things,such as paper money and the compass. The Song Dynastyalso existed over a hundred years longer than the Tang Dynasty. They overall were very impressive, with amazing achievements. Lieke v. 1-15-2015Per. 7 Tang And Song Dynasty
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