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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 TAKEN THEME by: Erin Bowman Follow your gut where ever it may take you. OBJECTIVE SUMMARY Gray Weathersby wants to find out what is on the other side of the wall but he knew other people had tried and they came back dead, so he took his chance and went other the wall with Emma behind him. Emma PLOT Blaine gets Heisted and leaves Claysoot forever Gray gets slated to Emma. She says no and they start to hang out just as friends.Gray has this amazing idea toclimb the wall and Emma decides to go with him.Gray and Emma find Blaine and he shares with Gray that they are twins.Emma takes Gray to the records room and the find out that Frank has been taking people from all of the experimental sites and making copies of them for an army. Gray meets his father and they find out that Taem is bringing a virus that is going to kill all of the rebels.They create a plan to get Harvey to go to Taem and be a distraction while Gray and Bree, another rebel, get the virus to make a vaccine.Harvey gets taken away as they leave and Gray feels so bad about not going back and finding Harvey. hospital Setting Claysoot: an experiment.Taem: the place where the experiments were thought upand is now the capital.Crevice Valley: home of the rebel group. Gray: protagonist, he is the maincharacter in the book and he is always listening to people and how he feels he doesn't use his head, he listens to his gut.Blaine: Gray's twin brotherOwen: Gray and Blains father that escaped the Order(Taem) and became a rebel leaderEmma: protagonist, the girl that Gray is in love with but he doesn't want to admit it.Bree: rebel soldier from Group A, another girl Gray likes and hekisses this girl.Frank and the Order: the antagonists, Frank is the leader or the Order which has been Heisting 18 year old boys since the experiments began. Characters Gray liked to go hunting when he was back home in Claysoot.
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