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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Amazon Kindle Fire Apple iPad Advertising Tablets This tablets features applications from Amazons Appstore. With the purchase of a subscription, kindle users can stream unlimited movies and TV shows as well. This device also has access to books and music from Amazon. It has been stated that the Kindle Fire is a strong competitor of the Apple iPad. In fact, the Kindle Fire is the second best-selling tablet after the iPad Over the years the iPad has become even more advanced.The latest version now has retina display. This new feature gives the iPad fifty percent more pixels than a large high definition television.The tablet has also gotten slimmer with each new design, making it easier to carry around. Just like the iPhone and iPod, the iPad has access to apples app store and iTunes. This is appealing to those who enjoygames and music. Having a portable computer for ones music, gaming, and other internet needs is why having an iPad is so attractive to consumers. Importance of Brand Recognition Advertising and brand recognition are key factors in tablet sales. Even though the Kindle Fire is cheaper and performers the same tasks as an iPad, its sales cannot compete with Apple. The Apple marketing strategy and recognizable brand name is too powerful to beat. When Amazon decides to invest more money into advertisements for the Kindle Fire and build up brand recognition, then it may have a chance of becoming more popular with tablet consumers.
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