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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 TYPE OF TALK TYPE OF TALK What do you mean…? How do I…? I dont understand...Why is it thatCan you explain...Can you give me an example?Could you rephrasethat?Are you saying ___ or ___? AGREE /VALIDATE JUSTIFY /ELABORATE IDEA/CLAIM CLARIFY I thinkIn my opinion...My idea isI believeI noticed I think ___ becauseAn example of this is...While I realize ___This reminds me ofAdding to what youve saidAn example of this is I agree with you because...I have the same ideaI feel that way tooI too believe that DISAGREE/ PROBE SYNTHESISE REFLECT I disagree becauseBut...I dont think soI have a different ideaWhat makes you say that?How did you reach that conclusion?Could you explain your reasoning? Putting our ideas together...In conclusionWhat we are saying isEssentially... After reading this text, I think/feel/wonder...Your thoughts/ideas/reflections/questions that arose from this textConnect the core ideas in the text to other core ideas you understand, or to your life ? TYPE OF TALK TYPE OF TALK Adapted from:Paul, R., & Elder, L. (2008). Critical thinking. The Foundation for Critical Thinking.Paul, R., & Elder, L. (2006). The International Critical Thinking Reading and Writing Test: How to Assess Close Reading and Substantive Writing. Foundation for Critical thinking.Scardamalia, M (2004). CSILE/Knowledge Forum. In education and Technology: An encyclopedia (pp. 183-192). Santa Barbara: ABC-CLIO © 2015 WiREAD Project Team, Dr. Jennifer Pei-Ling Tan, Christin Jonathan, National Institute of Education, Singapore. Do not reproduce or modify without prior authorisation from authors. Contact
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