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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 6 35 13 300-400 268,596 170 1 42 Same Houston during war Age of Texas general has been apart of the U.S. Number of years Texas Number of days Texas soldiers continued a siege of the Alamo Number of Texas P.O.W. signed over by Santa Anna, after Amount of land in square miles flown over Texas, including Number of flags that have TX flag. Star signifies former Texas Number of stars on the current executed by Mexican soldiers at Age of Antonio Lopez de Casualties from the Texas Revolution TEXAS WAR FOR INDEPENDENCE Santa Anna during the war. Red- Texan CasualtiesGreen- Mexican Casualties the Massacre of Goliad. until they were defeated by Santa Anna and his soldiers. his capture at the Battle of Jacinto, This was the Treaty of Velasco. the Mexican. independent Republic and struggle for freedom from Mexico. Mexican- 2500 (68%) Texan- 800 (32%) TEXAS REVOLUTION VS.AMERICAN REVOLUTION Example of a Texan soldier. Example of American soldier. In Both Wars... Texans and Americans were angered over "Taxation without Representation." Troops were outnumbered and out skilled. Fighting lasted less than 10 years. Ruling governments used armies to enforce policy. Colonists reacted with hostility. Once attempts at compromise failed, declared independence. Texas Volunteers vs. Mexican Army Continental Army vs. Redcoats TX- 1 year.US- 7 years. Mexican Soldiers. British Redcoats written by George Childress written by Thomas Jefferson By Sydney Wilson Texas Declaration of Independence Original Treaty of Velasco
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