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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 BANK FLAT RENTAL AGREEMENT With your TUM student card you can ride all forms of transit from 6pm-6am for free.If you will be riding the trains on a regular basis you can purchase a semester pass at any of the ticket terminals. TRANSIT If you are living at one of the Studentwerk residences you must show proof of enrolment (found on your TUM account) and provide information for direct banking. STUDENT CARD TUM NEW STUDENT Once you have "proof of your insurance" you can pick up your student card from the Registrar's office.There is a machine outside of the office where you must put your card into to "activate" it. Students can load money on their account to use at mensa (student cafeteria). There are a number of differentbanks near by the university, students can open an accountat any of the banks. Student may need to display their new student cards. INSURANCE TIMELINE Students must prove they have sufficient health insurance at home or new insurance must be purchased. If using an existing insurance plan they must provide details of the plan, displaying dollar values and coverage.If insurance needs to be purchased it can be done outside of the Registrar's office - roughly 1200 euros. It is important to keep a copy of your "proof of insurance." RESIDENCY CARD Regardless of citizenship/visa etc.. all residents must register their address at the main office, located at Ruppertstraße 19.You will need to bring all the paper work you have accumulatedthus far including you German bank account information, your student card along with proof of enrolment and proof of health insurance.They may want to see the exact dollar amount in your bank account of some sort of paper work where your parents or significant other has signed off saying you are a dependent. They require roughly 1000 euros amonth in your account for every month you will be inthe country.
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