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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Visit following websites:> Visit University Career Center> Visit Rawls Career Management Center(They also conduct Mock interviews)> University Writing Center > You can take prints in the library with your TechID. Card has initial balance of $2.50.> You can refill yor ID at stations provided at the basement.> If you cant find ask at the reception. Cost of black and white print is 10c.> If you dont find books in the library asked by professor, you can use ILLiad(find on request book from another university for free.> You can issue DVDs for learning and for entertainment fromthe digital library on the second floor using your IDs> You can also rent projector, camera and many more things using your ID. > TTU has made an awesome website for learning programming and softwareand mostly anything for IT industry. > Library has 3D lab which has almost every Adobe softwareif you have interest in animation and Photoshop or you just want to workon your normal projects on big screens. > Set up TTUnet on your laptop. If you are having trouble call IT help centerthey will help immediately on the phone only. (806) 742-4357. > Visit your eraider account. There you can find links to download free software. > TTU offers free onsite courses (ATLC lab, ttu library basement)on various subjects and technologieslike Web Development, Statistics, Microsoft Office.( ) > Rawls Students can print up to 700 pages/semester for free using ID.( > Set up TTUnet on your laptop. If you are having trouble call > Follow techannouce. You will get notification of job openings, events for students and important events in college.> TTU has bus ride service which starts from 9 PM on some special routs which will take you to Walmart. Bus Stops at College Pointe, 2520.> Visit website. BSM offers free lunch every Thursday beginning from August 28. Google this address>2401 13th Street,Lubbock For Resume and Interview help: TTU IT services ( ) Day to Day: Library Facilities Shashwat Chavan(MS-MIS) 2014 TTU Helpful TTU info for new students
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