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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 New things of the train Evolving Trains The trains of today willbe evolving soon some engineers are trying to gettrains to go on magnets toavoid crashes with trainsothers are trying to make them run on hydrogen insteadof oil and polluting the air. Trains are evolving towardsthe future and so are some other things such as roboticsand stuff like that. An engineeris trying to make a train movelike a ski make the rails fluff and then put the tracks over it and make sure not a lot ofair is getting out from the bottom.Such like skiing when your skis float from the snow you feel like your flying but its just the snow being so light.That and the skis are not letting much of the air go up so that engineer wants a train like that. Trains of the future Having new trains is going to be a big difference becauseengineers are trying to do a lotto all the trains such as: gettingtrains to run on hydrogen insteadof oil which affects the air.Then they are trying to replace tracks with magnets that are attachedto the bottom of the train and the tracks.They are also trying to have the trains incircles and they will go though themin each on of those they will have racks that will move the train faster and faster. with this invention there will beless crashes with trains because theracks can be stacked onto each other. Trains will be changingeveryday. when they havethey will be faster than a plane and they will also be a time saver. Matthew Ramirez 1st Period
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