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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 TPACK DIAGRAM ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (PK) Pedagogical Knowledgeis the section that I feel I knowleast about. I have discussed it throughout many classes,but I feel that it is not somethingthat can be taught. Once I have the chance to teach, I feel that I will be more confident in this sectionand have a better understanding and knowledge of my pedagogy. Technology (TK) Content (CK) Pedagogy (PK) (CK) I feel confident with my knowledge of content thus far. By learning about education in school, the content section becomes more clear. Intersections: It is one thing to grasp the idea of technology, content, and pedagogy, but it is another thing to apply them to one another. Thus far, I feel like I have a very limited understanding of how toapply my Pedagogy knowledge (PK) to my Content Knowledge (CK). I feel that once I begin teaching, I will have a better understanding of how this works, and will have an easier time combining the two. I feel like I have the greatest understanding of how to apply Content Knowledge(CK), and Technology Knowledge (TK). These two fall hand in hand, as a lot of course content and educational learning can be done online in a more effective way. As shown, I feel like I have no connection between Pedagogy Knowledge (PK), and Technology Knowledge (TK). As previously stated, I believe that I willbetter apply the two once I fully understand pedagogy itself. Lastly, I have yet to make a connection between all three sections. Once I understand the connections between all of the individual sections,I will be able to apply my Pedagogy Knowledge (PK), Content Knowledge (CK), and Technology Knowledge (TK) all togetherto created a well rounded, intertwined TPACK understanding. (TK) I am by far the most confident with the technology section. Before taking EDU 210, I had a good understanding of technology and how it works, as well had many different social media sites. Having completed half of the course, I feel that my grasp of technology has only gotten better, and will continue to evolve as long as I am in a school setting that thrives off of internet connections.
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