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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Content Pedagogy Technology I have to be honest when saying I barely know anything about what my pedagogical approach will be. I have an idea of the sort of teachers I look up to, and what I want to be like in the classroom, but I have not had the opportunity to put these into action yet! With that being said, I think it is false to say I have a strong pedagogical sense until I have started student teaching, and have had face to face time at the front of the class. (in my opinion, pedagogical knowledge comes withexperience), This is why I have left a lot of room for improvement in my pedagogical knowledge bubble, and have left it unconnected from content and technology knowledge. I think that I am fairly good at using technology. I am no tech whiz by any means, but the morewe do in EDU 210, the more comfortable I get using technology and online programs. Thatbeing said, it takes me a little extra time to createan online tool. I think my technology knowledgeis adequate for what I will need in the classroom, and that I have the ability to incorporate it into mylessons and activities. I am a biology major, and a general sciences minor. I have taken a LOT of diverse science courses tocompliment this, from animal physiology, physics, chemistry, to a sedimentary rock geology course. I think that by incorporating this wide selection of science courses into my tool belt, and of course really focusing on my major, that I will bring a lot ofcontent knowledge into the classroom. With that being said, I am not familiar with the curriculum inmy subject areas, so my content bubble has roomfor improvement. TCK I have found many cool sites and online tools that I can apply to mycontent area, and use in a biologyclassroom. There are so many tools available for teachers thesedays! I think the hard part is justchoosing one from the selection!I believe that I know how to apply technology to the content I will beteaching, but my challenge comeswith applying these to my future pedagogical knowledge, which Iwill develop with experience in thefield of teaching. I have left pedagogy separatefrom content and technology knowledge, because I believethis connection takes experienceto make. I may have an idea ofthe teacher I want to become, butuntil I put this into action, I do notfeel qualified in making this connection, or making CPK, TPK,and TPACK overlaps. Nicola's Current TPACK ModelBiology Major, General Science MinorSecondary Education, Year 2
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