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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 My Personal Development in the TPACK Model Technological Knowledge (TK) Content Knowledge (CK) Pedagogical Knowledge (PK) In my own personal development I decided to put my TK a little smaller as I do not feel that I have enough Technological Knowledge yet to fully be able to incorporate it into my classroom and utilize a successful balanced TPACK Model. I plan to further develop my knowledge so that I am eventually able to expand this circle and overlap it with my Content Knowledge and Pedagogical Knowledge. I do not have the confidence in technological programs to comfortably incorporate them into my lessons. I believe that one day I will have this confidence and I plan to find it through courses such as EDU 211 and expanding my personal network! I made my circle for CK a little larger than my TK circle because I feel that even though I am just beginning my career and beginning to learnthe curriculum, I have a strong base of knowledge that I bring forward in the classroom. Throughout my high school and university experiences my funds of knowledge have greatly increased and I am starting to dive into a deeper understanding of the POS which is very excitingfor me! I decided to overlap my CK just slightly with my PK because I feel thatI have a base of content knowledge and a better understanding of how to teachthings in the future through my PK and I feel that these two concepts greatly relate to one another and I feel I have a slight understanding on how to mesh these two areas double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. I feel that I have a stronger understanding at this point on how to teach than most people. This is why I made this circle larger than the rest. The reason that I feel I have this advantage is because of my pervious teaching experience. I am a dance instructor, and although this is not the same as teaching in a classroom, I feel that there are definitelysimilarities which will greatly help me in the future. I cannot wait to expand my PK and become a masterteacher. I also feel that I have a solid base to enter the classwith. Other sources such as university classes, learning teaching models and techniques and beginning my personalteaching philosophy will greatly assist me in this journey. I overlapped my PK and CK again because I feel that there is a strong connection and similarity between the two. Though I do feel that at this point I have a stronger Pedagogical Knowledge.
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