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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Chenille's TPACK Model Content Knowledge Technological Knowledge PedagogicalKnowledge I am growing in confidence within my 'area of expertise'(Social Studies and English Language Arts).I am becoming more and more passionate about these subject areas and increasinglyexcited to sharethis growing passion with my future students. The area within this model that I definitely feel weakest in is pedagogy. I believe that this is a natural insecurity as a pre-service teacher. I am confident that the remainder of my timeat the University of Alberta will help grow this circle. It will receive exponential growth once I am actually in the classroom, testing out methods and lessons and figuring out what is a good fit for the students I am currently workingwith. I definitely feel the mostcompetent (within these three areas) technologically. I will bethe first to admit that I am not an expert but I am familiar with technology, largelybecause I use it every single day. I have seenthe benefits of includingtechnology in the classroom and have been searching out ways to include it in my future as well. I find PLNs, especially Pinterest, to be priceless resourcesthat definitely shouldbe taken advantage of. EDU 210 has greatlyincreased my technological knowledgeby providing me with awareness of other resources. This circlewill continue to growthroughout my career. The important thing is to maintain a balance. I need to have fellow educators speak into where I am at in these areas so that a balance is achieved and maintained. Our world is becoming increasingly technologically focused but that does not mean the classroomshould as well. Recognizing the need for balance is incredibly important and shouldbe strived for. There will be situations that rely more on technology or contentor pedagogy so I need to be able to decipher what those situations are and use the most suitable knowledge system for success.
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