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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 THT and THJ TLT and THJ Percy is a boy that feelsdifferent from everyone athis school, Percy hasn'trealized the danger he will be in.This relates to The Ordinary Worldin THJ because Percy feels out ofplace in the normal world. Percy was walking home really fast trying to escape from Grover.Percy had to leave immediately because he was in grave danger .This relates to THJ because in the call to adventureit says that the heroes quest usually starts off with danger. Percy got in the car with his mom. On the way tothe beach they talked about Percy'sfather.While sleeping at the beach househis mom had to leave because she learnedPercy was in grave danger so they had toleave really fast or else Percy would getkilled. On their way to Camp Half-Blood theyran into the Minotaur and Percy almost got killed.This relates to THJ in Entering the unknown,because it says the constant threat of dangerand Percy almost got killed. After a while being taught by Chiron Percy found out who his father was, and Chiron thought it was time for Percy go on a quest.This related to THJ Supernatural aid/Meeting with the mentor because Chiron helped Percy learn who his father was and what his destiny was as well. When Percy, Grover, and Annabeth are in Medusa's lair, they run into some trouble and have to work together to get out in one piece and continue on with their quest.This is related to THJ in the Road of Trials. Because it's kinda like a trial trying to make them stronger before they face the boss. After escaping the Underworld,Percy, Grover, and Annabethrun into Ares. The three friendsfind out that Ares was the one whoput the bolt in Percy's bookbagand framed them for stealing Zeus'smaster bolt. Percy has to battle himfor Hades helm of darkness and Zeus'smaster bolt.This is related to THJ in The SupremeOrdeal. Because Percy has to battle Aresor else the world will be destroyed. When Percy is returning the master bolt to Zeus he see's his father Poseidon, and his father talks to him and says he's sorry for having Percy to be born a hero because their life is always tragic.This is related to THJ in Confronting the Father, because Percy see's his father after years of not being able to see him.
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