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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Help and and Aibileen Atticus and Aibileen and Calpurnia are both maids in a white household. Both of them take care of children, cook, clean, etc. One major similarity is their love for the children they take care of. Aibileen takes care of Mae Mobley who she loves and cares for. Calpurnia takes care of Scout and Jem who she also lovesand takes care for. Both maids care for the child they take care of as if they were the children's mother. The theme for these two characters is that peopleshould be treated equal becauseeven if their skin color is different they can still be really nice and caring people. 1. 3. Hilly 2 and 2. Miss Merriweather 30M 4. Calpurnia To Kill a Mockingbird Skeeter defends and writesabout Aibileen and Minny who are both black. Everyone in the town says she shouldn't have done that but she did it anyway because she knew it was right. Attics does mostly the same thing, he defends Tom Robinson who is black. Also the town keep saying he was a disgrace but he does it anyway because he knows its the right thing to do. The theme for these two chrachters are that you should awlays stand up for what you believe in even if you get judged for doing it. Skeeter Skeeter and Scout Hilly and Miss Merriweather both care a lot about appearances. Both of them have tea party's. Each of them support charity for tribes or kids in Africa. But then when it comes to their maids or the black people of Maycomb they are a disgrace. The theme for these two characters are that they are hypocrites. Skeeter and Scout both don'tbelieve in what other people in their towns are saying. In The Help everyone doesn't like blacks and their maids. But Skeeter doesn't believe in this and she goes and becomes friends with Minny, Aibileen, etc. Everyone in the town of Maycomb says Boo Radley is an evil person but Scout comes to realize that he is a nice person. Scout also becomes friends with Dolphus Raymond who Maycomb also thinks is a bad person. So theme of these two characters is they found out everyone isn't always who they seem to be and that people who appear bad can be really nice people.
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