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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 THE HELP & Plot In TKM segregation is shown inthe separation of the black and white churches Aunt Alexandra- Hilly Segregation By: Timothy Beever Both TKM and The Help have very similar plotsin TKM Atticus was the one who showed the town that racism is not a good thing and even changed some people's minds. Skeeter did the same thingby writing the book, when people read the book theyrealized that the way they acted towards there maidswas not an acceptable way to act. Theme In TKM racism is shown by the unfair trial of Tom Robinson, inThe Help when Abaline comes in and is accused of stealing the silver. In TKM Aunt Alexandra is a bitter woman at the beginning of the story andpossibly a little racist, by the end of the trial of Tom Robinson she seems to have rethought her convictions. Hilly is obviously racist and bitter towards her maids at the end of the story although she does not stop being racist she doesbecome more careful wit the way she acts. Characters In both stories people are not as they seem. In TKM Boo Radley is seen as a mean man who actually turns out to be damaged in someway and innocent. In The Help Skeeter seems tobe like everyone else but turns out to have a conscience. To Kill a Mockingbird and The Help although are set at different timesare very similar in plot, characters, and theme. Skeeter- ScoutIn The Help Skeeter is a very brave person she put the stories of the maids and put them in the book even thought it would have been illegalunder the Jim Crow laws. Scout is affected change in a similar way because of her innocence the way Skeeter did with her book. Racism One theme in both stories is breaking though social barriers. Abaline and the other maids do this by writing down there experiences in a book, that gave them a voice. In TKM when Tom Robinson was put on trial the actual facts about his crime almost maid them look past his race. To Kill a Mockingbird
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