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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 1.Groups of ladies in both TKM and the help have tea parties and little get togethers only containing women, to gossip.2.Both stories take place in theSouth and during the time of theJim Crow Laws. I also think that Elizabeth from The Help and Boo are similar because all throughout the story they just let other people define them. For example Elizabeth lets Hilly make all of Elizabeth's decisions like firing Aibileen and not letting her talk to Celia. In TKM Boo lets people believe the rumors and what everyone else thinks.They both may be afraid to stick up to the people around them but neither of them are horrible people. Aibileen and Calpurnia are similarly close characters as well. They are both colored women working for whites and party raising white children. Mae mobley thinks of Aibileen as her real mom and Cal is Scout and Jems only mother figure who had been around since they were born. Skeeter and Atticus are both very determined and strong willed characters. Skeeter is determined to show people what is really like to work for white people, the good and the bad. Atticus is determined to help Tom Robinson. Skeeter and Atticus were one of the few people who were not racist and stood up for the colored and what they believed in. I think a big theme here is to do what you want and stand up for what you believe in. Hilly and Aunt Alexandra are very similar because they are both racist. They both think that it is all about what other people think of them and doing what looks right rather than what is right. Hilly was against colored and whites using the same bathroom.Aunt Alexandra was worried about the Finches not acting normal, or Scout acting ladylike. TKM Similarities to The Help President of the kids charity Hilly and the most devoted lady in Maycomb show similarities by thinking they are better than everyone else and act hypercritical. In front of everyone they both put on an act to pretend to be so nice and caring to everyone butin reality they are faking it to make themselves look better.A lot of people try to hard to impress too many people for fame or popularity.
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