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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 To Kill A Mockingbird VS. The Help Aunt Alexandra and Miss. Hilly both care about appearances andwhat other people think about them. PLOT In To Kill A Mockingbirdthe wealthy women were talking about a tribe in Africa and how they are so poor, that is similar to the benefit in The Help. Theyare similar because both of those events were hypocritical, the same thing was happeningin their own back yard, but they wanted to help Africa instead. Calpurnia and Aibileen are similar because they both take care of children and are maids. Cal and Aibileen are both like a parent to the children they take care of. They enjoy playing the parent figure too. THEMES Characters A theme in both To Kill A Mockingbird and The Help is development of personhood and personal voice. This theme is shown throughout both the book and the movie because Skeeter and The Help find their own voice throughout the movie. How they find their own voice is by having the courage and taking the chance to write the book The Help even though town folks might find out it takes place in Jackson. They do not let that stop them from them wanting their voiced to be heard. Minny knows she might get in trouble for having Miss. Hilly eat her poop while passing it off as a pie, but Minnie just wants to be heard. In To Kill A Mockingbird Atticus knows that Tom Robinson did not rape Mayella and Atticus wants Tom to be heard. Atticus wants Tom and all the African Americans to have a voice and to have whites actually listen to that voice. double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. The nature of racism and its impact on society and individuals. Aibileen and Calpurnia are treated badly by whites because they are black. Calpurnia and Aibileen have a tough job. They have to take care of other people's children, clean the house, and cook all for a very minimum amount of money. A similar plot event is when Abilileen's son is falsely accused and then killed and when Tom Robinson is accused of rape but was not guilty. Whites treated blacks very unfair and falsely accused them a lot. In both of these cases it lead to death. Abilieen's son getting ran over and Tom Robinson trying to escape and getting shot. Characters that are similar in The Help and in To Kill A Mockingbird are nice bosses. Celia Foote and Atticus are similar because they treat their maids with respect. While Elizabeth and Mrs. Dubose do not treat them as nicely. Celia loves Minny and really looks up to her. Atticus will not fire Calpurnia because he considers her part of the family.
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