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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Thomas JeffersonBio-graphic April 13,1743 - July 14, 1826 The soft-spoken third president of the United States, Thomas Jefferson. Status: April 13, 1743 in Shadwell, Virginia July 14, 1826 inCharlottesville, Virginia Lived to be 83 Married Martha Wayles September 6, 1782 Achievements and Good Deeds: Wrote the Declaration of Independence Made the purchase of the Louisiana Territory Founded the University of Virginia Insisted that everyone should worship or not worshipwhat they believed. Debacles: Cut off trade withboth Britain and Franceduring a war between the two causing over 30,000 americansto lose their jobs. After Thomas Jefferson refused to pay the Barbary States a few million dollars, war was declared among the U.S. and Barbary. The USS of Philadelphia was captured and killed. Later, the money was paid to end the war. Presidency: Thomas Jefferson served two terms. Jefferson was a part of the Democratic-Republican Party Thomas Jefferson is considered one of the greatest presidents of the United States. Jefferson was the favored candidate in the election of 1804 earning him his second term. Personal Life: Thomas Jefferson was extremelysoft spoken and found his voice through writing. Jefferson had six children yet only two lived to adulthood. He was known for being a farmer, violinist, writer, surveyor,scientist, architect, and a lover of fine wine. Myths and Truths: Jefferson was in favorof large governments. FALSE Jefferson was in fact, against large governments. He once said, "A governmentbig enough to give you everything you want, isbig enough to take awayeverything you have." Thomas Jefferson was a hypocrite. Though the third president believed that all men are and should be treated equally, he had over six hundred slaves. TRUE Thomas signed the Constitution. Thomas never actually signed the Constitution. He was in Paris at the time and missed the signing. FALSE Sources: Michelle Mendez The Declaration of Independencewas a huge step in freeingthe colonies from Great Britain. When Thomas Jefferson made the Louisiana Purchase, the size of the United States nearly doubled in size allowing more room for growth as a nation. Jefferson used much of the money he had to create a better education for citizens of VIrginia. In honor of his passion towards religious freedom, Thomas Jefferson was given a monument in Virginia as a reminder of his impact on early and modern America.
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