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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The spread of something, knowledge, trends cultures, or Products. It was BETTER before, there was less of everything,It is mostly WASTE now. THEN vs. NOW FROM the time my grandma was my AGE toat this very moment, many EVENTS, advances, and thingshavehappened Name: JUANA cuevas DOB: 23/ 05/ 38 YEAR when 15: 1953 DEFINE Globalization: Something that is all over the WORLD, something that is INTERNATIONAL. TRAVELED to: Paris, France Italy, Rome Canada USA ( California, LA, Nevada) MAIN communication: Mail,Telephone,Telegraph Difference in SOCIETY? LIFE back then: No pollution, LESS production, government was NOT corrupt, Safer outdoors. Important advances: MANY advance in electricity [quicker & better],better access to clean water. Family ORIGIN: MEXICO Issues youth face today that you didn't face: Less jobs, government problems. Benefits and opportunities do youth face: More education (university level), easier to move to different parts of the world. Biggest issue you faced: Had to work to help family out. Issue facing Canada: Doesnt Know, because there wasnt a way to know. Issues facing the world: States war in Cuba and other countries, poverty. SPEECH: THEN & now BEFORE Used proper words, not much slang.Talked with more respect. After More swearing, less respect, uses shorter words. PREDICTIONS: More disasters Positive changes in some countries,more war, corruption, & production, More pollution, Less resources, more natural & human caused disasters, More conflicts between people, loss of species. Grandmas POV: My POV: Name:SARA Balderas DOB:08/ 04/ 99 Define GLOBALIZATION: TRAVELED to: Mexico & Canada 1930's to 2010's MAIN communication Smartphone, Telephone, Email, Internet/ Wifi Society TODAY: In a way society has become a little bit more acceptable, but there is still tons of judgement, not enough care for environmnet LIFE now: Less human interaction, hottest years in climate, more technology envolvement. Important Advances: Easier access to technology, and knowledge what changes do you want to see? To stop pollution, No contradiction, No government corruption, more peace. To stop animal poaching, and abuse. Decrease pollution ME HER
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