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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Cell Respiration Inquiry Lab Question How does different levels of bleach affectthe rate of cellular respiration of a pea? Hypothesis We hypothesized that with more bleach therate of cellular respiration will decrease. Variables and Controls Our independent variable is the time and thedependent variable is the rate of cellular respiration. Our control was the germinated peas in regular water. 1. Collect the materials need2. Fill tray #1 with 500mL of Bleach3. Fill tray #2 with 800mL of Bleach4. Add 500mL of water in tray #15. Add 200mL of water in tray #26. Add 2 sheets of white paper with gloves ineach tray so that it covers the entire bottom7. Place a thermometer in each tray (with gloves)8. Place an absorbent cotton ball in a 50mL graduated cylinder using a forcep9. Using a dropping pipet, add 4mL of the KOH solution10. Then, add a nonabsorbent cotton ball on topusing the force11. Fill the cylinder with 25 germinating peas12. Close the cylinder with a stopper and respirometer(Re-tape the respirometer if needed)13. Repeat steps 8-1214. Repeat steps 8-12 twice for 52 beads instead of the germinating seeds15. Repeat steps 8-12 twice for 25 dormant seeds and 37 beads16. Place a cylinder of just germinating seeds, dormant seeds, and the beads plus the germinating seeds in one tray so that therespirometer is on top of the edge (cylinder should be in the water)17. While you wait for five minutes create a table for your data18. After the five minutes, completely submerge thecylinders and start timer (if water gets inside the cylinder repeat steps 8-12 for the contents inside the cylinder and waituntil the next 5 minute mark to start step 16 and other 5 minutes for step 18)19. Record the rates of respiration for all of 6 the cylinders for 30 minutes Procedure -2 Water trays- 50 germinating pea seeds-50 dormant pea seeds-104 beads-2 respirometers-6 50mL graduated tubes Materials -6 absorbant cotton balls-6 non-absorbant cotton balls-a dropping pipette-forceps-4 pieces ofwhite paper-stopwatch-thermometer-KOH solution Analysis Concentration for Tub 1: 14.29% bleachConcentration for Tub 2: 22.86% bleach Conclusion Through our experiment it was clear that photosynthesis occurred more rapidly in the tub with higher concentration of bleach. This goes against our hypothesis that states that the rate of photosynthesis will decrease. We had some sources of error in our experiment which include a poor seal in the respirometer causing a leak
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