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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Road of Economics Introduction .Economic systems have been a part of our daily life ever since the ancient times. Its an important aspect because without it, we wouldn't be where we are today. Without the base, there wouldn't be a built structure. Capitalism: For the People By the People * Free market where businesses have freedom* Businesses can choose how/when to trade with whomever. * Out of Afghanistan and Venezuela Japan was researched to be the country whose life span was the longest. The lifespan of the people in Japan was 82.7 years. Also the literacy rate was the highest, Japan had a literacy rate of almost a hundred.This tells us that the life of the citizens was much better than in countries like Afghanistan and Venezuela. The environment is much healthier for business owners. * Confucianism: is basically the older version of Capitalism they believe that all people get something. It states that if you make the people happy then you will be granted the title of a great ruler. This is an example of capitalism because they basically believe in the same thing which is giving everyone something. This picture explains clearly how Capitalism would help people get to a better economical state. Socialism Government controls all * The market is watched or run by the government or ruler. * The wealth is distributed. * The Legalistic: This is basically an older version of Socialism because The Legalist believe that a highly efficient and powerful government was the key to restoring order. They basically believe that humans are not good enough to control the government or any kind of economy. They also believe in harsh punishment. * Venezuela is another example of Socialism. After doing some research we found out that the people of Venezuela aren't happy with the ruler of Venezuela.Although it is not that big of a deal it is still a setback. Another reason why Socialist economy is not the best choice is Venezuelas only major export is oil and some other minor things, while they are asking for so much more. The exports could be found in basically any other country maybe even for a more cheaper price.And this example shows us how Socialism is a good but not great choice. This picture shows us how people might have money but its not theirs.And other people have to gain money and its taken away from them. Trading All Around the World. *The action of trading good or services of equal or lesser value without using money * Sometimes people have good/services that is not found in a lot of places so the value is set higher. This is called scarcity. * A bartering country: Afghanistan was researched to have the lowest average income out of three countries. Afghanistan's average income was $426.00 a year. About 35% of Afghanistans population is unemployed and live below the poverty line, suffering from shortages of shelter, pure drinking water, and electricity. *It limits people who has no crops or trade to exchange. Although they have money, they dont grow food to trade with someone, so bartering will not do well in the city if everyone makes money and cant use the money. Either we dont work to make money and barter which will cause a collapse of the capital economy or we work to earn money and use it instead. If we turn into a bartering economy it will also ruin our school system, if I teach you something I need something in return that is not money so not a lot of people will learn things or teach things. Learners will have different levels of education which might affect the growth of human knowledge. This picture shows exactly bartering. This shows us how people trade things to get things equal or lesser value. Also this shows us how they don't use money. Statistcs This shows us how Japan (a Capitalist country)is a better place to live in because the literacy rate is much higher than other countries (that have different economic systems).Which just proves our point that Capitalist economy is the. This shows us how Japan's citizens live more than the citizens of other countries.Which gives us another reason to believe that Capitalism is the best choice. Capitalism for the win!!
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