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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Booker T. Washington DOG Point of view on what blacks should do after the civil war VS W.E.B DUBOIS similar Point of view on how the blacks should get/already have. What type of equality should be sought after first Views on white oppression They should take their time to learn the basic things that you need like a good hygene so they can get a job they should already have learned these things so they should just be able to already have/get a job In the end they both wantedthe blacks to get jobs/careers They should focus on getting an education and basic living skillsbecause they dont know much becausethey have been deprived of thisfor so long and then will they be able toget jobs They should focus on getting power in buisinesses and getting jobs because they should already have education We should seek social equalityfirst because it is the corner stone of society and we must build uponthat first in order to maintain it We should seek political equality first because with political equalitywill come the right to vote and thenwe will be able to change things in our society to better help us and then we can get social equality because we will be able to change descrimiation through political equality Both thouight that social equality was eventually necessary. believed in non-violent protests Sort of a radical both had the black community's bestinterest at heart both wanted them to get jobseventually because jobs will be neededto get money and otherthings to live
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