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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 THE GREAT GATSBY The Valley of Ashes where a gray valley where New Yorks ashes are dumped, when the men who live their worked at shoveling up the ashes. Nick and Tom go to New York to go to George Wilsons garage. Nick was formally invited by Gatsby to his large extravagant party, When nick arrived he found the Jordan and her group of friends. They then started to gossip of Gatsby of what people believed he did to earn all of his money. Later at the party Nick came across a man that believed he knew Nick during the war. It turned out to be Gatsby himself. CHAPTER 1 In The Great Gatsby by Nick Carraway, writes about him meeting Jay Gatsby. Nick goes to one of Gatsbys parties to find out that he use to be married to his wife. Gatsby still loves her but she is still married to nick. CHAPTER 2 CHAPTER 3 CHAPTER 4 In this chapter Gatsby tries to become nicks friend suddently. Gatsby knows the things people say of him so he decided to tell nick of his wealth. He said that he was a boy in the Midwest, his parents died and he inherited the money. Also mentioning that Gatsby himself attended Oxford due to the tradition of his family. Also mentioning that he fought the war, then showing nick his medals so suddenly as if he casually carried them all the time. CHAPTER 5 After mentioning daisy to nick, Gatsby wanted nick t set up a day for Gatsby and daisy to meet again after their fallen romance in which he left her to go to war. After he came back Gatsby found out that daisy married off with Tom. So Nick decided that he would allow the get together at his home so that daisy and Gatsby could reunite. In exchange he offered nick a job to get a sufficient amount of money. Nick then figured he was about to be involved with illegal business. CHAPTER 6 You learn about who the real Jay Gatsby is, and who he honors his success too. He invites Daisy to one of his famous parties and Tom tags along. Gatsby decides he wants Daisy to leave Tom and be his forever, But is unsure about her baby. CHAPTER 7 Myrtles Husband Wilson learns of Myrtless Affair. While Daisy is driving Myrtle jumps in front of the car thinking it is Tom driving, instead of stopping Daisy speeds up and Myrtle gets hit. Later in the hotel room Gatsby and Tom arguing,but all Gatsby wants is for Daisy to tell Tom she never loved him, but we all know that is not true.
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