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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Historians believe thebagpipes originated somewhere in theEast, circa 5000 BC. Traditionally, bagpipes weremade of lamb skin forthe bag and bones forthe various pipes. The sound of thebagpipes is changed in volume by how hardthe player squeezes the bag under his or her arm.More air is forced out bythe bag, amplifying the sound. Donald MacLeodis credited with being one of the most creative of all recent Great Highland Scottish bagpipers. He was one of the most original and innovative composers of bagpipe music. The player blowsinto the blowpipefor the air to travel intothe bag and then out the chanter The melody is played onthe chanter, where adouble reed is placedbetween the bag and pipewhich vibrates, creatingthe sound. There are alsoeight finger holes used toalter the pitch. Bagpipes can be heardfrom miles away, andwere used in battlefrequently in the past.Bagpipes are also identified as part of Scottish and Irish heritage and culture. The drones are otherareas air leaves the bagfrom. The drones playthe single note fromthe chanter in a numberof octaves, depending onhow many drones there are. The bag of the bagpipesis held under the player'sleft elbow and is squeezedto push the air through the chanter and drones. Mac | Early Adopter | Gadgets The pitch of the bagpipeis changed by the chanter(see other side). By coveringthe holes of the chanter,the chanter is lengthenedcausing a lower sound. Players Origin Blowpipe Chanter Materials Historical Importance Bag ChangingPitch Amplifying The Bagpipes Part of the Woodwind Family! Drones Made by Katelyn Lyn-Kew! "Bagpipe." The World Book Encyclopedia 2009. Vol. B. Chicago, IL: World Book, 2009. 26-27. Print.Kallen, Stuart A. The Instruments of Music. San Diego: Lucent, 2003. 36. Print.Dearling, Robert. Non-western & Obsolete Instruments. Philadelphia: Chelsea House, 2001. 9-10. Print."Famous Bagpipers | EHow UK." EHow UK. N.p., n.d. Web. 11 Feb. 2015.
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